Re: [wmii] wmii-3 mean real improvements?

From: ellotheth rimmwen <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 21:58:22 -0400

On 5/21/06, phyrster <> wrote:

> Any wmii2 to wmii3 users share this feeling?

Yes, actually. I miss the old configuration style (patching the source
to move the bar to the top of the screen seems a little extreme to
me), and the ability to close windows with a middle-click on the
titlebar, and the cursor following keyboard focus-changes. (I know,
little things.) I could get used to stacking, but as a screen
real-estate junkie, I think stacking vs. tabs is something akin to
rock vs. hard place. (And do I correctly understand the new layout
model that views can't be saved between sessions?)

On the other hand, tagging is brilliant. Seriously. Fantastic idea.
Major points to wmii for that. I really like the window-managing
logic--columns, navigation keys, etc. And as far as stacking goes, it
is nice to be able to see the whole title.

At any rate, there lieth my two cents. So you're not alone.

(Note: No disrespect intended toward the devs. You guys are geniuses,
and wmii-3 is a great product. My addictions weren't included, but
I'll be fine after a few days in rehab.)

ellotheth rimmwen
* monjoy *
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