Re: [wmii] wmii-3 mean real improvements?

From: Mark R <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 20:12:21 -0600

I loved wmii-2 and was disoriented for a while with wmii-3. Now that
I'm used to it I think wmii-3 is superior. Hats off to the devs, very
nice wm.

However, I would find it very annoying if wmii was completely
overhauled like this with every new release. I hope the devs have
enough restraint to follow through with a design direction rather than
starting over from scratch every time they have a new idea.

Anyway, nice work. Congrats on the release.

On 5/21/06, ellotheth rimmwen <> wrote:
> On 5/21/06, phyrster <> wrote:
> > Any wmii2 to wmii3 users share this feeling?
> Yes, actually. I miss the old configuration style (patching the source
> to move the bar to the top of the screen seems a little extreme to
> me), and the ability to close windows with a middle-click on the
> titlebar, and the cursor following keyboard focus-changes. (I know,
> little things.) I could get used to stacking, but as a screen
> real-estate junkie, I think stacking vs. tabs is something akin to
> rock vs. hard place. (And do I correctly understand the new layout
> model that views can't be saved between sessions?)
> On the other hand, tagging is brilliant. Seriously. Fantastic idea.
> Major points to wmii for that. I really like the window-managing
> logic--columns, navigation keys, etc. And as far as stacking goes, it
> is nice to be able to see the whole title.
> At any rate, there lieth my two cents. So you're not alone.
> (Note: No disrespect intended toward the devs. You guys are geniuses,
> and wmii-3 is a great product. My addictions weren't included, but
> I'll be fine after a few days in rehab.)
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