Re: [wmii] wmii-3 mean real improvements?

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Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 21:09:37 -0700

On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 08:12:21PM -0600, Mark R wrote:
> I loved wmii-2 and was disoriented for a while with wmii-3. Now that
> I'm used to it I think wmii-3 is superior. Hats off to the devs, very
> nice wm.
Well I think change is important. But like a tree each branch ends in some
other place. Depending on which way you go. To evolve something you need to
have alot of experiences upon which to understand your design from an
empirical point of view and to define and create something that is the
desire of your needs as well as others. Wmii is just a little more pragmatic
about that and instead of rehashing the WIMP model with some other features
it seeking to evolve with needs and ideas -- thus it will be subject to
change and you can use or evolve whatever branch you feel works for you.

wmii is an evolutionary system and it is being evolved in a very early
stage. It is thus going to metamorphasize into a number of different configs
until the devs see how to "rewrite" what they found most useful into a new
integrated version and do the whole cycle over again. This is the true open
source experience. If you want to try something or change it you can.

THanks for your input... I enjoyed your message.
> However, I would find it very annoying if wmii was completely
> overhauled like this with every new release. I hope the devs have
> enough restraint to follow through with a design direction rather than
> starting over from scratch every time they have a new idea.
> Anyway, nice work. Congrats on the release.
> On 5/21/06, ellotheth rimmwen <> wrote:
> >On 5/21/06, phyrster <> wrote:
> >
> >> Any wmii2 to wmii3 users share this feeling?
> >
> >Yes, actually. I miss the old configuration style (patching the source
> >to move the bar to the top of the screen seems a little extreme to
> >me), and the ability to close windows with a middle-click on the
> >titlebar, and the cursor following keyboard focus-changes. (I know,
> >little things.) I could get used to stacking, but as a screen
> >real-estate junkie, I think stacking vs. tabs is something akin to
> >rock vs. hard place. (And do I correctly understand the new layout
> >model that views can't be saved between sessions?)
> >
> >On the other hand, tagging is brilliant. Seriously. Fantastic idea.
> >Major points to wmii for that. I really like the window-managing
> >logic--columns, navigation keys, etc. And as far as stacking goes, it
> >is nice to be able to see the whole title.
> >
> >At any rate, there lieth my two cents. So you're not alone.
> >
> >(Note: No disrespect intended toward the devs. You guys are geniuses,
> >and wmii-3 is a great product. My addictions weren't included, but
> >I'll be fine after a few days in rehab.)
> >
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