Re: [wmii] Re: Dockapp problem

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 18:16:54 +0200

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 03:39:51PM +0000, Jason Lunz wrote:
> said:
> > Hmmm, I come to the conclusion that the only way to go is to
> > provide a client (which is no separate process, but like a
> > client window) which takes those dockapps and orders them in a
> > grid layout. Apps like gkrellm won't fit into this, but I don't
> > care, those can be made floating. Such an internal client could
> > also be tagged (though kill client won't have effect). Then you
> > can place it where you want... Is this a good idea?
> I think so. I'm especially attracted to the idea that this dock-client
> would behave just like any other client. The only difference would be
> that its height would be determined by the contained dockapps, and
> perhaps it would be excluded from hiding in maximize and stacked
> layouts. It also means it could be tagged like any other client.
> I wonder whether it takes any additional code to absorb things like
> gnome-panel as well as windowmaker dockapps. In ion3, a winprop is used
> to do this:
> defwinprop {
> class = "Gnome-panel",
> name = "Bottom Centered Panel*",
> instance = "gnome-panel",
> target = "*dock*",
> }

That would be similiar, in wmii it could be:

/Gnome-panel.*/ -> #

(whereas # is a magic tag)

> Maybe the wmii-dock also should have "gravity" to ensure it stays at the
> top or bottom of the column? But what if there are two of them? Also, I

Nah, it will behave like a client, except that it would always
be visible and that it can't be resized vertically.

> don't know whether there's already any ordering applied to the clients
> in a column. What's the existing policy?

The clients are ordered by you.

> That would be good too. Eliminate the special case. And I agree, things
> like gkrellm can simply float.



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