Re: [wmii] overfull column redrawing

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 09:00:35 +0200

On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 10:48:00PM +0000, David Tweed wrote:
> I've just tried in wmii-3 having my program medea open more
> windows than there is space for title bars within a column (in
> this case 61). Things initially seem "reasonable given that
> drawing more title bars than there is space for is tricky".
> However, __sometimes__ when I select a window and switch to
> max mode I end up with a garbled window draw (ie, it looks to
> have blocks of previous pixmaps, including title bar ones in
> it). If I move to another client using Alt-J/Alt-K I the
> window contents get drawn correctly. Likewise I've found that
> __sometimes__ in a column that's overfull but in max mode, one
> or two Alt-J/Alt-K moves result in the title bar changing as
> expected, but not in the window being redrawn. Finally (after
> generally no more than 3 or 4 Alt-J/Alt-K moves) the window
> does get redrawn with the correct contents.
> I haven't figured out any common denominator about the times
> when these things occur compared to other times when the same
> action works ok.
> I've tried to reproduce this with something common like an
> xterm, but it's difficult to automate opening up so many
> windows that in my experiments I haven't been able to
> replicate the above phenomenon yet. I know that it's the
> applications job to redraw itself, but I'm just wondering if
> something is intermittently going wrong with the receiving of
> requests to do a redraw by the fltk toolkit (which does all
> the actual drawing for medea)? FWIW, if I open up the same
> directory (ie, number of files) in a frame in Ion3 and move
> between windows using the keybindings, things redraw quickly
> enough for me to see it's updating correctly even if I bounce
> on the keybinding as fast as I can. So it's not that
> fltk/medea is incapable of redrawing quickly enough.
> Unfortunately I remember that medea didn't build on OpenBSD
> (which I don't have any access to myself for fixing), so I'm
> not sure how you can reproduce this. It's 99.999% certain that
> it's acutally an fltk issue since medea doesn't do any X
> drawing directly, but I'm still not sure how to debug further?

I suspect this has something TODO with load. But I run Linux for
quite a while and very seldom OpenBSD. Do you have more recent
source of MEDEA somewhere? Maybe I can recheck.


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