[wmii] multiple status/sleep instances in top

From: mikshaw <mrblog_AT_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 12:04:50 -0400

According to the wmii-3 guide, section 6.5, removing the status label
before running a new instance of status "ensures that the status label
will not exist, hence all the writes made from any previously running
status script will fail, thus they will finish." This works fine if
you leave the sleep time at the default 1 second. However, as was
suggested elsewhere I extended the sleep time to 20sec to reduce the
system load a little. This results in the previous status scripts
not finishing, because they are usually sleeping during the 2-second
period that the status label is non-existent. By the time they wake
up, the status label has been recreated and so they continue their
loop. This results in multiple instances of status and multiple
instances of sleep. After several runs of wmiirc the status bar is
constantly being written, which negates the original purpose of
extending the status sleep time.

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