[wmii] Re: moving liblitz on

From: Uriel <lost.goblin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:18:24 -0700

> > With richtext you need to arrange your layout in sane ways,
> > that's the hard job. That's why I always told not bothering with
> > such stuff. A fixed-font widget suffices.
> That also depends on how much richtext we allow.

If you want to stay sane, you want zero "richtext".

> If we only allow as
> about much richtext as terminal emulators do, we don't need to
> rearrange too much to cope with that, I suppose.

And your widgets will suck about as much as any terminal emulator.

> I thought terminals should die a bloody and painful death? That's at
> least what they should do in my opinion. They are too restricted and
> primitive in my eyes, and they make any sane text handling a mess.
> (How many terminal emulators do you know that, for example, break text
> correctly on resize?)

That is because they don't handle text, they handle "richtext", I specially
love it how cat-ing a binary file sends any typewriter emulator flying to
outer space in a thousand pieces, got to love reset(1) (when it works.)

> > Sounds like a mess, I expected this. Thus I say, don't care
> > about it. If someone needs an order of thai symbols, he will
> > write a thai_strcmp or invent another square wheel. But we
> > should not care about it, because we only know 3-5 languages and
> > cannot decide.

Amen, if you want such crap, you cook it and you eat it.

> If we made ordering and line breaking and stuff also a filter's job, it
> would be absolutely no problem to implement a locale and language
> sensitive strcmp some day.

Locales should die, period.

> Uhm, strncmp doesn't work either. Don't use that.

Uhu? Why? It works perfectly fine.

> Also, don't forget
> that two strings that are /not/ byte-to-byte identical still could need
> to compare identical in Unicode; C's string functions work only on
> that assumption! It's not that simple.

And who cares what Unicode says? Once more, if you want ICU, you know where to
find it, we want a sane library that does what we need it to do, not that
follows some delusional standard.

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