[wmii] Re: moving liblitz on

From: Uriel <lost.goblin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 13:28:22 -0700

> > I think it makes no sense to reinvent a square wheel when libutf
> > already exists, and
> > at the very least, read http://plan9.bell-labs.com/sys/doc/utf.html
> > before making any comments.
> I discarded it as it is the same thing as libunicode on linux.

Who was talking about not having a clue about what he is talking about?

$ sloccount libunicode-0.4.0/|grep '^Total.*SLOC'
Total Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) = 21,416

$ sloccount libutf/|grep '^Total.*SLOC'
Total Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) = 1,626

I will admit I have no clue what libunicode does, but I don't want to know

And notice that there is no libutf in Plan 9! libutf is the (l)unix port of the
standard Plan 9 string libraries.

> > As for insanity like bidirectional text and such abominations, if you want
> > ICU, you know where to find it; but for sane people that stuff is a total
> > waste of time.
> Now you offend everyone with a language that is more complicated to make to
> work on computers.

That is not my problem, I try to use computers to get work done in the most
efficient way practically possible, not to do it in the most complicated way

> > Markup, font, color and whatever, all that crap is at most set
> > per-widget (if not globally). If you want to interleave that inside
> > the same text stream then you are not working with text anymore, and
> > you could as well go use Word.
> You don't use even syntax highlighting, do you? Your screen is black
> and white, isn't it? You got a chisel on your desk, and some rock
> plates, don't you?

I don't think this even deserves answering, but after using syntax highlighting
for many years, I found that reading code without it is much more easy on the
eyes, of course you need a good font and sane color scheme. Syntax highlighting
is just distracting and emphasizes the superfluous, syntax. Do you like reading
English with all the pronouns in bold and all verbs in green?

Not to mention that all syntax highlighting systems I have seen fail miserably
in a text-editor environment because in a text editor you _edit_ text, which
means 99% of the time the code is not even syntactically valid, which means the
highlighting jumps around randomly as you type becoming even more distracting,
that or it requires explicit user interaction to be updated, which is even

> > All that is really needed is a small api on top of Xrender that
> > mirrors draw(2), and on top of that some very simple widgets ala
> > frame(2), and all this should be rather trivial. The hard part is
> > input handling, because the X input model is completely crap, and
> > abstracting it is really hard without bending over backwards.
> There is nothing trivial, but there's also nothing that's impossible to
> do in a sane way. If you are scared to read things up and inform
> yourself, don't do it. I /am / ready to implement everything I talked
> about in this thread, if I get support for it. I won't do it if it is
> not embedded anywhere I could use it.

If you want all that crap, fine with me, but please take it elsewhere with the
rest of the people that likes to make their life as complicated as possible,
I'm sure the Gnome project will welcome you with open arms.

I for one want things things to be as simple as possible as long as they
perform the task they are designed for, a text editor edits text they way I
tell it to; not tries to look psychedelic, read my mind and compile source code
at the same time.

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