Re: [wmii] columns

From: David Bronke <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 13:08:14 -0400

On 5/26/06, Doug Bell <> wrote:
> Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> > On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 02:22:19AM -0400, David Bronke wrote:
> > > First, I'd like the ability to "split" a given column so that the
> > > other columns of the view remain unchanged. Instead of the standard
> > > way of creating a new column (simply moving the client to a new
> > > column) it would keep the same geometry for all columns except for the
> > > one being split. I imagine there would have to be "split left" and
> > > "split right"... the former would create a new column in the left half
> > > of the current column's area and resize the current column to take up
> > > the right side. The currently-selected client would then populate the
> > > new column on the left. The "split right" would simply be the reverse
> > > of this.
> >
> > In hg tip there is a newcol action, which creates a new column
> > prev/next to the selected one (instead at screen boundaries).
> > However taking up only half of the space of the existing one
> > doesn't sounds very dynamic to me, but I'm not sure with this...
> > What do others think about such a newcol strategy? We have
> > /def/colwidth which defines the width of newly created columns,
> > but I'm unsure of the need for it and didn't liked this option
> > since the beginning. A /def/ncol option seems much more senseful
> > in my eyes (like acme -c).
> I'm looking forward to having a /def/ncol option. That will create the
> next app in a new column if there are fewer columns than the setting,
> right?

That could be somewhat useful, but i'd also ask for that to be able to
be set per tag. ;-)

> > > Another feature I'd like is the ability to create rules for given
> > > clients allowing them to be automatically be put in their own column
> > > of a given size. This would be especially useful for eg. gaim, since
> > > the buddy list window doesn't need to take up the full width of one
> > > screen.
> >
> > This requirement sounds too static to work well in a dynamic
> > layout. Why not making the gaim stuff floating by default and
> > tagging it with 'chat' or something similiar, instead?

I don't really want my gaim windows floating _over_ my xchat window. ;-)

> Another idea would be to generalize the size-hint idea from the dockapp
> discussion. A preferred height and/or width could be set by window
> class in wmiirc. The size-hint could be ignored if it's not possible
> due to not enough rows/columns or due to multiple apps with conflicting
> hints. But it would otherwise give the preferred size.

That sounds like a better option...


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