Re: [wmii] columns

From: David Arroyo <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 08:26:23 -0400

>First, I'd like the ability to "split" a given column so that the
>other columns of the view remain unchanged. Instead of the standard
>way of creating a new column (simply moving the client to a new
>column) it would keep the same geometry for all columns except for the
>one being split. I imagine there would have to be "split left" and
>"split right"... the former would create a new column in the left half
>of the current column's area and resize the current column to take up
>the right side. The currently-selected client would then populate the
>new column on the left. The "split right" would simply be the reverse
>of this.

This should be the default behaviour when creating the third or
above column. As it is now, creating the third column, an
ambitious act for most resolutions, squashes the other two
columns if you have a colwidth set.

Perhaps a better solution would be to set /def/colwidth in
relative terms. So, if /def/colwidth = 1/2, a new column would
take up 1/2 of its previous column's width. This would also make
it possible to set a default colwidth that would work for all

>Another feature I'd like is the ability to create rules for given
>clients allowing them to be automatically be put in their own column
>of a given size. This would be especially useful for eg. gaim, since
>the buddy list window doesn't need to take up the full width of one

I'm not so sure about this, if only that it opens the door for
/def/rules abuse. But it is a clean, transparent solution, and
worth trying, I suppose. But how about, if the wanted width of
the client differs from the current column's, a new column is
created. There could be a special char for the current column's
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