[wmii] columns

From: David Bronke <whitelynx_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 02:22:19 -0400

One issue I've run into while using wmii is that i'm always resizing
columns to get them to line up with where I want them to be. I know
Xinerama support is in the works (at least according to the TODO) and
that will help a great deal, since I run wmii on a dual-monitor
system. However, there are still some things I'd like to be able to
do, and I'm not sure if they're possible currently. (i'm using wmii-3,
but i also have the latest version from hg; it's just not installed)
I'll write these as feature suggestions, in case they aren't
implemented yet; if they are, just let me know how i can accomplish
them. :-)

First, I'd like the ability to "split" a given column so that the
other columns of the view remain unchanged. Instead of the standard
way of creating a new column (simply moving the client to a new
column) it would keep the same geometry for all columns except for the
one being split. I imagine there would have to be "split left" and
"split right"... the former would create a new column in the left half
of the current column's area and resize the current column to take up
the right side. The currently-selected client would then populate the
new column on the left. The "split right" would simply be the reverse
of this.

Another feature I'd like is the ability to create rules for given
clients allowing them to be automatically be put in their own column
of a given size. This would be especially useful for eg. gaim, since
the buddy list window doesn't need to take up the full width of one

David H. Bronke

Lead Programmer
G33X Nexus Entertainment
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