[wmii] Tagging conventions examples

From: Yannick Delbecque <yannick.delbecque_AT_mail.mcgill.ca>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 11:56:13 -0400


I've been using wmii-3 for some time now, and I would like to know how do
people actually use tags. There are many possible usages, and I think
documenting them may prove a good way to make constructively criticize the
idea to make it even more useful.

Reading web pages about wmii and this list, it seem that the most common and
obvious use is to have tags for various tasks - email reading, chat, web
browsing, system monitoring, etc. I personally began using tags this way,
together with numerical tags as temporary work spaces for tasks that didn't
fit anywhere. It is easy to modify wmiirc so that the applications I
regularly use for certain tasks are automatically tagged.

Recently, I began also tagging by projects instead of tasks - Thesis,
Personal, wmii stuff, etc. For example, I keep a window of my IRC client
(each channel have it's own window) with the channel of my local free
software advocacy group, a (copy) of mail client window and a web browser
page with the wiki of the same group open in a view for all work related to
This is quite different, and adding wmiirc entries for automatic tagging for
this is more complex - in fact I didn't began doing it yet. One advantage (at
least for me): I switch view less often. I feel it is more in line with
the "dynamical window management" philosophy: projects are created and
removed as needed, while tasks like mail and IRC are unlikely to change and
window, because tasks are more defined by the applications we use to
accomplish them than by the actual type of work we want to do. This
difference is also present in the way we configure automatic tagging, which
is a lot more task-friendly than project-friedly.

Of course, there is no hard line between "project" and "task", but it seem to
make a difference to think more in one way than in the other.

Yannick Delbecque
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