Re: [wmii] Tagging conventions examples

From: Jonas Grote <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 00:43:38 +0000


Since I have an "Office Internet Keybord" with some extra keys I created
some scripts that are executed if I press a button. For example my mail
button checks if there is no view called 'mail'. Then it looks if there
is a screen called 'mutt1' that can be detached, if so, it runs an urxvt
executing screen -r mutt1, else it executes an urxvt with "screen -S
mutt1 mutt -y".
Then this urxvt is tagged with 'mail'.
In any case this script changes to the view mail.

I have similar scripts for different views/programs, works very nice with
Since I have a lot of buttons, mostly one matches the task I want to
work on, so I don't need numbers for views (if there really is the case
that I need a different tag, I create it manually, which isn't a lot of

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