[wmii] gnucash disappearing

From: jeff covey <jeff.covey_AT_pobox.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 21:34:31 -0400

is anyone else having a problem with gnucash in wmii-3? i'm finding that
after opening and closing it a few times, the "since last run" (scheduled
transactions) windows opens, but after i close it, the main window is
nowhere to be seen. i know it's still running because i have a rule to tag
gnucash windows in wmiirc, and the "gnucash" view remains open. if i get
the pid for it and kill it, the view closes.

if i then open gnucash in icewm, the main window opens minimized. i bring
it to the forefront, maximize it, and close it, and then when i open it in
gnucash, it opens as it should.

i do know that gnucash windows act differently from other windows in -3,
somewhat as if they were floating windows, though they're not tagged with
"~" in /def/rules. they jump around as actions are performed, sometimes
covering the bar. i suspect that the main window is running fine but has
jumped to a geometry that places it off the screen. in -2, gnucash windows
acted like any others.


jeff covey

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