Re: [wmii] More newbie strangeness -- no window decorations?

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2006 11:05:18 -0700

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Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
> Furthermore, since when did the X11 specification say that
> requesting a window the size of the screen or larger was semantically a
> request that it be made "full screen"?

Actually, this makes sense. Since the window is >= your screen size,
it is not possible to grant it the requested size *and* have it all
appear on the screen. So, wmii simply shrinks that window so that it
fits inside the screen (window size = screen size).

I've noticed the same behavior you mentioned with Thunderbird and
Firefox. To me, it looks odd when they I run them and they appear
fullscreen, so immediately I send them to the non-floating layer.
Once I am finished, they remember their new size (saved window size
<= smaller screen size) so that when I go to use the bigger screen,
they do not appear fullscreen (saved window size <= bigger screen size).

I rarely use the floating layer. Even for gimp and dia, I use the
non-floating layer; it works quite well (having the tools & drawing
window available side-by-side).
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