Re: Bar going away? (was: Re: [wmii] Re: wmii-4 fs proposal/discussion)

From: Uriel <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 03:26:56 +0200

On 6/11/06, Kris Maglione <> wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 05:39:43PM -0500, Michael Ekstrand wrote:
> >On Fri, Jun 09, 2006 at 03:12:06PM +0200, Uriel wrote:
> >> I don't like that, but maybe the bar is not worth fiddling with as it
> >> is going away soon enough.
> >
> >The bar is going away? This does not sound nice... will there be
> >something useful in its place? I just poked around on the Wiki's devel
> >pages, and didn't see anything about the bar leaving in the roadmap...
> The bar is planned to be replaced with a tagbar. The bar will still be
> there,
> just in a different form. See acme's tagbars for an example. It would also
> be
> wise to read about plumbing if you really care that much about the
> internals.
> For those of you who wind up hating it, I'm sure there will be a patch to
> give
> the bar its current form in the future, so don't fret too much.

An external app could provide pretty much the current bar
functionality if anyone wants it, something like winwatch(1) but for
pages might make sense.

What is needed is a way to 1) resize the managed area(across all
views?) 2) make floating clients 'sticky' (ie., stay in place across
views); neither seems particularly hard once wmii internals are
cleaned up.

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