Re: [wmii] Re: wmiirc Locking Up

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 16:32:20 +0200

On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 09:55:25AM -0400, Jeremy Hankins wrote:
> Ryan Kirkpatrick <> writes:
> > No, only NFS, and not on the systems having this problem. My laptop
> > has displayed it once or twice, and it has never has any network
> > mounts. Where I have seen it more often is on my server, which is
> > hosting several X-terminals. I have a couple of disk-less PCs running
> > only an X server and using XDM to connect back to the server. All
> > applications, including wmii, are running on the server, as X
> > clients. While the server does offer NFS shares to other systems, the
> > home directories that wmiirc is running out of are local on the server
> > itself. Maybe it has something to do with multiple instances of wmiirc
> > running on the same system at the same time?
> Could wmiir be hanging? I've had that happen to me a few times. In
> fact, it got especially bad for a while when I had my wmiirc (python)
> set up to spawn threads for status monitor stuff, and had a couple of
> such (native python) threads going. Running a status script (with a
> thread to monitor it) didn't cause the problem too often, but if the
> subthread was simply running a python function one of the wmiir
> processes would frequently hang. I tried adding a lock to the function
> that runs wmiir and the problem hasn't recurred. But then, I haven't
> been restarting my wmiirc as much either, because I've been working on
> other things lately.
> The hang generally occurred when the status thread tried to write to
> /bar/<status-name>/colors (which it does almost first thing). The first
> such thread would run fine, but with the second the wmiir process would
> hang.

Doesn't sound to be a wmiir-related problem but maybe a
python-thread-related issue with forked processes in my eyes
(however I have no clue about python). Only reading from /event
will block wmiir from exiting until the 9P server closes or
wmiirc is exit (which runs wmiir read /event).


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