Re: [wmii] wmii-3 on MacOS X?

From: Geoffrey Alan Washburn <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 20:47:12 -0400

Geoffrey Alan Washburn wrote:
> Denis Grelich wrote:
>> I didn't look into the code, but I guess that it has to do with EWMH
>> hints. There are hints to bound the area managed by the wm. This is
>> used for example for various task bars, slits and dock-app bars in
>> other WM's. Afaik wmii does not support these yet, but iirc it is on
>> TODO.
>> So, no need for exporting it. This should work automagically with the
>> hints.
> Okay, I'll give the rect hack a try in the meantime.
    It proved to be quite a bit more complicated than I had hoped.
After about two hours or tweaking and recompiling I've got a patch that
mostly allows an X and Y offset to be specified at compile-time. I
don't really have a good idea whether it would be possible to change
this offset dynamically without significantly confusing wmii.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in the diffs let me know. I might
give a stab at merging my changes into a mercurial repository when I
have a little more time.

    Also, just because the goal is an efficient and lean window manager
doesn't mean you shouldn't include any comments in your code. It is
really inexcusable to not at least have comments explaining what a
function does, if not comments on the logic. Proper documentation would
have saved me a lot of effort. However, given how little code is
actually there, it is rather tempting to rewrite it in proper language.

[Geoff Washburn||]
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