Re: wmii-3.1 bugs [was Re: [wmii] wmii-3.1 bugfix release]

From: redondos <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 12:42:05 -0300

On Sat, Jun 17 12:15, redondos wrote:
> First of all, a small one in wmiirc:

Of course, the bugs weren't your fault but mine. Here's what and how:

> Line 58:
> xwrite /def/grabmod Mod1
> Should be:
> xwrite /def/grabmod $MODKEY

Someone explained to me that since MODKEY can be several keys, you
should not use the variable there or it won't work.

> Now let's get to a bigger problem: wmii-3.1 doesn't work for me. Upon
> startup, the bar is filled with the appropriate labels, but the
> keybindings don't work at all. This happens even if I use the wmiirc file that
> was shipped in the tarball.
> For instance, I can edit wmiirc to load a couple of programs with
> different tags, but I can't switch them, even with the mouse!
> It is as if wmiirc had errors, but I can't find them.

This was because of a bug I had in the event loop.

Sorry for the noise. :)


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