[wmii] Menu interface

From: Julian Stecklina <der_julian_AT_web.de>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 00:38:20 +0200


I already mentioned it on IRC, but wouldn't it be an improvement to
integrate wmiimenu's functionality into wmiiwm and expose it through 9P?
For the usual Mod+p program menu it could work as follows:

1. wmiirc creates a list of all executables and stores it into

2. The user presses Mod+p. wmiirc writes "show programs" into
/menu/ctl. wmiiwm displays the menu.

3. If the user selects a menu item an event is generated,
e.g. MenuSelect programs xterm

4. wmiirc starts xterm

This has some advantages:

A wmiirc would not have to pipe the whole menu contents into wmiimenu
everytime the menu is to be shown, instead it has to create a file with
the menu items once.

All interactions would be done via 9P.



Julian Stecklina
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