Re: [wmii] selection buffers (PRIMARY, CLIPBOARD)

From: Wael Nasreddine <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 12:42:22 +0200

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Adrian Ratnapala wrote:
> On 28/06/06, Wael Nasreddine <> wrote:
>> I have a little problem with the copy/paste in wmii, mainly between
>> urxvt and opera (firefox, thunderbird etc...), When i select something
>> in urxvt i can't paste it in firefox, the only solution I found is to
>> use autocutsel[1] in 2 ways (not like we do it in Gnome etc...), In
>> gnome it can be done via:
> I actually had a similar problem, except I use xterm. I eventually
> solved it
> by replacing the computer and re-installing Gentoo.
> I suspected it was firefox getting old and flaky. I suppose a less radical
> solution would be to rename your .mozilla directory
> (and any other firefoxy-config ones) and then completely purge firefox
> from the system and re-install it. Then you can bring you old configs
> back in a controlled way, and see which change breaks it, if you care.
> (Hey, I only said it was easier than buying a new computer).

This has _nothing_ to do with firefox configurations, When I said
firefox that was an example, Actually i don't even use firefox i use
opera, anyway the problem happens with all CLIPBOARD- programs, opera,
firefox, thunderbird, etc...


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