Re: [wmii] 10kloc project, wmii maintainer change

From: Geoffrey Alan Washburn <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 13:48:28 -0400

Celti wrote:
> Perhaps, instead of throwing a hissy-fit and stalking away in a huff,
> you should try educating him yourself? Throwing a tantrum doesn't
> strengthen your position any, and *that* is something a great number of
> developers - of all sorts - are clueless about.
    I wasn't "throwing a tantrum", I was pointing out that the "open
source" community has a serious educational problem.

    Why don't I try educating "him"? Because I don't have time to teach
people things they really should have learned elsewhere? Because I
don't really have time for a debate I'll never win? Because people have
an unfortunate tendency to stick to their chosen ideology regardless of
the quality of the argument? Until people go out and start learning and
using other languages and tools, I doubt there is much I can do to
convince them of anything because there is no shared context.
Furthermore, until someone has actually tried doing something different
and found it lacking, they have no argument. So making uneducated
claims about the utility of C, without knowing anything else, means
you've already lost the argument.

[Geoff Washburn||]
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