Re: [wmii] No-bars patch

From: Denis Grelich <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 17:11:51 +0200

On Sat, 29 Jul 2006 02:52:13 +0200
Denis Grelich <> wrote:

> Hello there!
> People seemed to be interested in a no-bars patch, so I hacked
> something up. You can disable framebars via /ctl (framebars 0|1), and
> disable the bar with the -b option given to wmiiwm. At least the bar
> part is implemented pretty crappily, and wmii would need some more
> refactoring and added features to have this feature in somewhat clean
> code. (I suppose more EWMH.) Whatever. Enjoy it!
> Denis

Okay, admitted, it wasn't really useful, as it was buggy as hell and
pretty unfinished. This one only removes the framebars and does not
touch the bar (this is really a job for EWMH, maybe another patch to
write ...?). Same functionality in the /ctl file, except that it now
refreshes the view when you change the framebars setting. Nonetheless,
there is some ugly behaviour of apps that depend on increment handling
when you switch from bar-less into barred mode. I didn't care to fix
it, as the increment handling code behaves somewhat broken anyway
*cough cough cadt cough*. Framebars are drawn for hidden windows in
colstack mode. (Though this part should also be affected by a
transition to modeless columns with collapsed windows.)

Also, I added a ClientName event to the /event-interface. This can come
in pretty handy, when you turn off framebars. I use it like this:

        wmiir create /rbar/00_title


                xwrite /rbar/00_title `wmiir read /client/sel/props |
                                        perl -p -e 's/.*?:.*?://'`;;

Also, I added a shortcut to my wmiirc to quickly toggle the framebars:

                if [ "`wmiir read /ctl | grep framebars | sed
                                                's/[^01]//g'`" -eq 0 ]
                        xwrite /ctl framebars 1
                        xwrite /ctl framebars 0

I hope it fits the needs of someone out there.


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