Re: [wmii] Window handling question: how to deal with columns always being as high as the screen?

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 09:29:50 -0700

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Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> This is a wmii usage question. I'm a newbie with wmii, and I'm asking
> for hints on how others use it, so that my usage can become more
> efficient, too.
> For the purpose of presentation, assume that I work with xterms a lot
> and that my screen has room for four of them (top left, top right,
> bottom left and bottom right). Now assume further that I have more than
> 4 xterm windows, and at any given time, I would like to see a different
> subset of them.
> Now, my screen layout would mean that I have two columns, each of which
> has two xterms in it and is in default layout mode. But now assume that
> I would like to swap one of the xterms out and replace it with a
> different one:

Great question and thanks for the inspiration! I really miss this
ability to temporarily hide some windows and un-hide them when I
need to (like wmii-2 detaching behavior).

> * Where do all the xterms live that I'm not currently looking at?
> * How to swap the xterm out that I don't need to see anymore and how
> to swap in the one that I do want to see now?

Like Anselm said, you can do this with tagging, but it would be nice
to have it automated. Here's how I implemented this (by using the
'status' area of the bar as the tag for temporarily hidden clients):

DETACHED_TAG = 'status'

# Detach the currently selected client
def detachClient
  write '/view/sel/sel/tags', DETACHED_TAG

# Attach the most recently detached client
def attachClient
  if areaList = read("/#{DETACHED_TAG}")
    area = areaList.split.grep(/^\d+$/).last

    if clientList = read("/#{DETACHED_TAG}/#{area}")
      client = clientList.split.grep(/^\d+$/).last

      write "/#{DETACHED_TAG}/#{area}/#{client}/tags",
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