[wmii] Popups in all views: is it possible ?

From: Francis GUDIN <fgudin_AT_cri74.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 17:06:13 +0200


I greatly appreciate this WM, though I face a little annoyance
at work and I hope you'll help me find a solution or workaround:

I must use Ekiga (formerly GnomeMeeting). When an incoming call
is placed, Ekiga raises a small window asking me "accept it/reject
it/whatever". This "pops up" with those tags inherited from its
At the moment, the only solution not to miss calls is to stick
every tags onto Ekiga. But then, this keeps floating over other (more
useful) windows.
What would be a sane way to deal with it (appart from dropping
this gcrap, which I can't) ?
Any advice is welcome.

Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Francis GUDIN.

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