[wmii] [ANN] Ruby-IXP 1.0.0

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <skurapat_AT_ucsc.edu>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 16:07:55 -0700

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= Version 1.0.0 (2006-09-16)

  Ruby-IXP is an implementation of the 9P2000 protocol designed for
  use with Window Manager Improved. It is written in pure Ruby to
  avoid periodical calling of the wmiir command, thus improving
  performance. There is another full-blown 9P2000 implementation
  called Rstyx, but it's rather complex and slow.

  Web site: http://home.gna.org/rubyixp/

  Download: http://download.gna.org/rubyixp/

== Summary

This release improves performance, fixes some bugs, improves
interaction reading and writing with the WMII class, and features
easier testing and maintenance via a Rakefile.

== Acknowledgments

* Thanks to why the lucky stiff for contributing the initial

== Notice

* IXP::File#read_all is deprecated. Use IXP::File#read instead.

* IXP::File#read now retrieves the entire contents of the file.

== Details

* IXP::Connection has be rewritten to provide buffering for

  * In wmii, "/event" can now be read at leisure, without data

* Warnings about "instance variable @fields not initialized" have
  been fixed.

* WMII.read now returns the names of all contained files when a
  directory is read.

* WMII.write is now more tolerant of data passed to it (#to_s).
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