Re: [wmii] Ruby-IXP freezing with overload patch

From: Suraj N. Kurapati <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 09:57:34 -0700

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Oliver Heins wrote:
> Whereas before applying your libixp_overload_fix.patch it ran
> stable but wmii broke, it's now the other way round: wmii is
> stable, but wmiirc freezes.

I'm sure Mauricio will resolve this soon. :-)

> It can be easily reproduced when I try to send a client to
> another view. The gets retagged, but wmiirc is frozen and has to
> be restarted.

Good work. I reproduced the bug on my system, but only the
status-bar thread had frozen. As I suspected, this might be a
problem with Ruby-IXP not waking up the requester thread.

(In my case, the requester thread is the satus-bar thread, whereas
in ruby-wmii, the requester thread might be the wmiirc itself; thus,
the entire wmiirc freezes.)

Update your copy of Ruby-IXP to r68 from SVN, and try to reproduce
the bug again. It does not seem to occur for me anymore.
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