[wmii] ENV['WMII_ADDRESS'] problem with latest Ruby-IXP/libixp/wmii?

From: Andy Gimblett <wmii_AT_gimbo.org.uk>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:25:51 +0100

Me again.

I've now got wmii running on my freshly installed box; next task is to
get ruby-wmii running.

We tried:

svn co svn://svn.gna.org/svn/rubyixp/trunk ruby-ixp
pushd ruby-ixp
sudo rake install

That seems to install the ruby-ixp gem OK. Then:

darcs get http://eigenclass.org/repos/ruby-wmii/branch-ruby-ixp/
pushd branch-ruby-ixp
ruby install.rb

That installs ruby-wmii infrastructure to ~/.wmii-3. Latest wmii
looks for .wmii-3.5 so I set up a soft link:

pushd ~
ln -s .wmii-3 .wmii-3.5

Now running wmii we see in wmiirc.log:

[gimbo_AT_mane ruby-ixp] cat ~/.wmii-3/wmiirc.log
I, [2006-10-16T15:17:23.940287 #603] INFO -- : INIT
I, [2006-10-16T15:17:23.948755 #603] INFO -- : Loading standard plugin
E, [2006-10-16T15:17:24.136759 #603] ERROR -- : standard-plugin.rb not found
I, [2006-10-16T15:17:24.149712 #603] INFO -- : Waiting for the IXP server.
Nowhere to connect
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/lib/ixp/client.rb:129:in `initialize'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:288:in `new'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:288:in `establish_connection'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:244:in `initialize'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:441:in `new'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:441:in `initialize'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:428:in `new'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:428:in `define'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:208:in `load'
/home/gimbo/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc:208:in `run'

So, it finds the ixp rake OK, but is failing to connect in some way.
Looking at line 129 in client.rb, we see:
    def initialize aSocketPath = ENV['WMII_ADDRESS']
      raise 'Nowhere to connect' unless aSocketPath
So the problem is this ENV['WMII_ADDRESS'].
Any ideas?
Andy Gimblett
Computer Science Department
University of Wales Swansea
Received on Mon Oct 16 2006 - 16:26:23 UTC

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