Re: [wmii] ENV['WMII_ADDRESS'] problem with latest Ruby-IXP/libixp/wmii?

From: Oliver Heins <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 17:17:02 +0200

Andy Gimblett <> writes:

> Me again.
> I've now got wmii running on my freshly installed box; next task is to
> get ruby-wmii running.
> We tried:
> svn co svn:// ruby-ixp
> pushd ruby-ixp
> rake
> sudo rake install
> popd
> That seems to install the ruby-ixp gem OK. Then:
> darcs get
> pushd branch-ruby-ixp
> ruby install.rb
> popd
> That installs ruby-wmii infrastructure to ~/.wmii-3. Latest wmii
> looks for .wmii-3.5 so I set up a soft link:

AFAIK both ruby-ixp and experimental branch ruby-wmii require a
patched[1] wmii-3.1. Unless you're a true adventurer, you perhaps stick
with that; it works here really nice and smooth. But if you are, please
share your efforts, I'm really interested.


[1] At least
You may want to apply any other of Suraj's patches, or even all of them:

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