Re: [wmii] libixp compilation errors

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 09:13:56 +0200

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006 20:18:18 +0200 Sander van Dijk wrote:

> (section "Extensions").
> If I remember correctly, JG mentioned on irc sometime that he'd like
> to use Plan9's C extensions...
Ah, yes, regarding the syntax of array intialization used, this
seems to be true, as:
"These initialization syntaxes were later added to ANSI C, with the
addition of an equals sign between the index or tag and the value.
The Plan 9 compiler accepts either form."

However, reading this document, I wonder a bit about Bell Labs'
understanding of portability:
"Within Plan 9, it is painless to write portable programs, programs
whose source is independent of the machine on which they execute."'s just portability within the same OS.

And regarding their extensions, I think the follwing is important:
"To port programs beyond Plan 9, where the system interface is more
variable, it is probably necessary to use pcc and hope that the target
machine supports ANSI C and POSIX."
So Bell Labs themselves tell us not to use their extensions when
portability between different OSs is to be achieved.


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