Re: [wmii] Roadmap to 3.5

From: Daniel Danner <>
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 17:01:49 +0100

> I had the impression that no-one was using them anyway. There have been
> quite many users confused by them, and also there was the portion of
> users that complained they were not flexible enough. I'd like to
> replace them by a smarter (omg the s-word!!1 *cough*) algorithm that
> does better what the colrules were intended for.
> In short: the colrules failed to deliver.

Sorry, but I don't agree at all. ;)

At first, we should not care about users getting confused by a feature that
they could simply ignore. It's really just some lines in wmiirc.

Secondly, I heavily use them, or in other words: not having them would add
much pain to daily usage, because it seems just natural to me, always opening
a second column for every second client per view (considering a 4:3 display
or even wider... is there anything taller?). Though, there are "natural"
exceptions like the "web" or "mail" views, therefore I simply need the

Of course, if you like to replace it with something smarter, go on. But why
removing something long before there's even an *idea* on how it could be
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