Re: [wmii] client titlebar

From: Daniel Danner <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 00:14:53 +0100

Hi Denis,

> I don't think anyone is *really* missing any info in there. To
> display what tags are set is not important (people can remember
> where they put their windows easily), and any other info is inadequate
> anyway.

Disagreed. Didn't we discuss this in the roadmap thread already? ;)

IMHO, it's very helpful to know the number of windows in max mode without
switching to another mode. Especially in case that I "miss" some window or
just don't know that some window got "stuck" behind an always-maxed window
which is not meant to have any other windows in its own view /normally/.

I'd be fine with indicating floating windows using another frame style, but
why the effort? The ~ was just great, and (without knowing wmii's internals,
honestly) I don't expect it to be too much work to but it back. :)

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