Re: [wmii] Re: quick thanks... for wmii

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 12:51:57 +0100

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:40:59 +0100 Uriel wrote:
> The beauty of ed is that its design is so minimalistic and its
> interface so elegant, that it can adapt to a completely new
> environment without the need of any changes.
Isn't that contradictory? To adapt involves to change, doesn't it?
Otherwise it just accidentally fits in without the need to adapt.


On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:59:09 +0100 Uriel wrote:
> I have no clue about dead keys, never had any use for them anyway,
Maybe you shouldn't comment on something you don't have a clue about???
> but on Plan 9(and I think p9p) you certainly don't need them, you can
> enter all the german/french/spanish chars(and a few more) easily from
> an US keyboard layout, see keyboard(6) for details.
This is not a Plan 9/Unix/DOS/any_os problem, this is a keyboard
design problem. The idea behind dead keys is combining accents
with other characters without the need of a compose key and
without the need to add ten new keys...
> This is another wonderful Plan 9 feature that I miss every time I have
> to use some other idiotic system where I need to figure out how to
> change the damned keymap just to enter a few characters from another
> language, on Plan 9 they are all on your finger tips, from
> mathematical symbols to chess pieces(!), and including greek, latin
> cyrillic alphabets. Look around /lib/keyboard and have fun finding out
> how to type characters you didn't even know existed in Unicode.
(This composing thing is not unique to Plan 9 so it's not that
special.) But here it's not about rarely used symbols (as if I were
to type a mail in french) but about everyday letters, where you need
them often! If an OS doesn't support dead keys that's a serious
missing feature...


On Fri, 19 Jan 2007 21:56:51 +0100 Uriel wrote:
> fuck off and
> stop spamming.
...maybe you should start with that yourself...

...I couldn't resist ;-)


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