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From: Daniel Waeber <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 17:28:25 +0100

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Suraj N. Kurapati wrote:
> Daniel Waeber wrote:
>> Because of the change in topic, I started a new thread for Rii:
> Since "Rii" is just Ruby bindings for the C-language libixp, you
> might consider naming it libixp-ruby instead (see
> Then we can have libixp-python and libixp-lua and so on.
Hmm... perhaps, but the name is soo long ;)

>> First of all I wanted to look into the depth of ruby. I think it is a
>> very nice feature to be able to write low-level/faster code, so it
>> directly can be executed on the cpu. So I just wanted to test how ruby
>> is designed and what it is like to write ruby in C.
> Did you use SWIG?

No, I wanted to look how ruby handels things. So I just used ruby.

>> It worked fine and I have already implemented the pure libixp calls. I
>> just have to read and test some other ruby-C features (like ruby-threads
>> in C) and my first goal to know more about the depth of ruby will be
>> accomplished. And because it is usable with wmii, perhaps someone else
>> wants to use it ;)
> Yeah I would be interested in using it when I start hacking wmii
> again after school is over [I must wait another 3 months :-(].
>> Here is a first test of the speed, reading /client/sel/props 10000 times
>> user system total real
>> rii - single fid 0.070000 0.050000 0.120000 ( 0.551429)
>> rii - open,read,close 0.160000 0.160000 0.320000 ( 1.503666)
>> ruby-ixp 8.730000 0.730000 9.460000 ( 20.393708)
>> wmiir in sh 0.000000 0.000000 24.030000 (140.062003)
> Sweet! Looks promising.
Jep. I also did not expect to it to be as fast. But at the moment
ruby-threads are blocked while executing my code. But I will look into
that matter this weekend.
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