[wmii] "Lower window" or "send to back" option in unmanaged mode?

From: Mark Gibbens <mark_AT_flet.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 10:49:49 +0000

Hi - my apologies if I've not kept up-to-date with versions and this
has already been addressed in some way...

Is there / could there be a way of lowering a window in floating mode?

Often, I'm using floating mode and a large window completely obcures a
window behind (GIMP being the commonest offender, curse it!). The
only way to get to the "bottom" window is to move the top one out of
the way.

I wonder if Mod-Shift-Click could be used to lower a window?

At one point, the floated windows were raised on focus which meant
this problem was solved by cycling through windows with Mod1-[j][k].
I have to say I rather like "raise on focus". As a sneaky
side-question, is it possible for a dumb user like me to turn this
focus model back on - or is it best that I "take my medicine as doctor
intended"? ;)

Best wishes,
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