Re: [wmii] New rc-based wmiirc available.

From: Celti <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 11:47:50 -0700

Right... colour me stupid, but I can't find this, and would really like to try
it. Bit of help, please?


On 2/22/07, Kris Maglione <> wrote:
> I've finally updated my rc-based wmiirc for wmii tip. It's basically the
> same as the stock wmiirc, with these exceptions:
> * There is no explicit write to the /keys file. To define a key binding,
> you just define a function: fn Key-$MODKEY-x { xterm& };
> * There is an extra keybinding: M-C-t, which toggles the keybindings and
> grabmod, so keys pass through to apps unimpeded.
> * It is possible to define actions in your wmiirc, much like the ruby
> wmiirc. Simply add a function: fn Action-quit { wmiir xwrite /ctl quit }
> All of the default wmii actions have been moved here (including the
> new rehash action).
> This script, of course, relies on the plan9port version of rc, as well
> as its sister utilities, such as grep. The 9base versions will, of
> course, work just as well.
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> Kris Maglione
> If you're feeling good, don't worry,
> you'll get over it.
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