[wmii] New rc-based wmiirc available.

From: Kris Maglione <bsdaemon_AT_comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 03:21:31 -0500

I've finally updated my rc-based wmiirc for wmii tip. It's basically the
same as the stock wmiirc, with these exceptions:

* There is no explicit write to the /keys file. To define a key binding,
  you just define a function: fn Key-$MODKEY-x { xterm& };

* There is an extra keybinding: M-C-t, which toggles the keybindings and
  grabmod, so keys pass through to apps unimpeded.

* It is possible to define actions in your wmiirc, much like the ruby
  wmiirc. Simply add a function: fn Action-quit { wmiir xwrite /ctl quit }
  All of the default wmii actions have been moved here (including the
  new rehash action).

This script, of course, relies on the plan9port version of rc, as well
as its sister utilities, such as grep. The 9base versions will, of
course, work just as well.

Kris Maglione
If you're feeling good, don't worry,
you'll get over it.

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