Re: [wmii] Imitation of Screen's 'meta' command

From: Cliff <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 10:52:14 -0800

I'm still trying to figure wmii so I hope this isn't to far off base.

Is the problem you are having with sending only ctrl+t's because its your
modkey or with any key bindings wmii uses that other programs also use? like
alt+num for irssi windows?
ruby-wmii has something similar to this, in that it lets you "turn off" key
bindings for the time being.

"modal key bindings: raw (pass-through) and normal

MODKEY2-space Switch between raw and normal input modes.
                     The current mode is indicated in the bar. All other key
                     bindings are ignored in raw mode."

And I *think* I saw something like this implemented in rc via a
MODKEY2+ctrl+t to "switch off" key bindings.
I am looking back through my cache right now and I will post a url if I find

On 2/26/07, Bjrn Lindstrm <> wrote:
> Yesterday I asked in the IRC channel how to bind a key to your prefix
> key. Since nobody there seemed to know, I thought I would post the
> solution I finally arrived at.
> For instance, I have set $MODKEY to "Control-t,", which works great
> until one of my programs need me to press Control-t.
> To work around this, like for instance Screen and ratpoison does with
> their 'meta' command, I use the program attached at the end of this
> mail.
> I call the program 'meta', and put it in my ~/.wmii-x.x/
> For two Control-t's in sequence to send one Control-t to the window in
> focus, I have a binding like this in my wmiirc:
> $PREFIX-Control-t)
> meta &
> ;;
> If you use another prefix key, you can simply modify the corresponding
> constants in the program.
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