[wmii] annoying bug at snap20070304

From: Matias Grana <matiasg_AT_dm.uba.ar>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 11:36:46 -0300

Hi; I've been using wmii-3.6, snap20070304 for a while and it works
almost perfect, except that it has the following bug: whenever a
floating window is launched from some program, and once one closed this
window, one must use the mouse to give the focus to the previously used
I am not sure I explained it correctly, so here comes my second try:
I use several windows in the managed mode at one view. Suddenly, a
floating window appears, launched from an application I have opened,
which is not present in the view I'm at (usually in my case it is
korganizer, which reminds me of some event). I close this floating
window with the keyboard, and then I want to keep working on the window
I was working before. Nop. I can't at this point work on any window in
this view, because I can't give the focus to any of them. I have to
click on a window with the mouse to regain focus. Then, everything goes
back to normal.

Is there any patch for this that I have missed?

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