[wmii] Ctl commands and geometry change

From: Eugine Kosenko <eugine.kosenko_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 13:20:55 +0300

Hi all!

I need a practical way to change the geometry of a client via wmii fs.
I was browsing some discussions at this mail list, but I still do not
understand how to do this.

Actually, I would like to use gkrellm2, which is one of the "improper"
applications: it assumes WIMP and has a fixed size. However, I found a
way to make the thing. I launch gkrellm (it is started in the floating
area), send it to the layout (Mod-Shift-Space), move it to the right
column (Mod-Shift-L) and then adjust its size using Mod-RB3-Drag. It
works fine enough, and I want to do this automatically each time I
start wmii.

I tried to play with wmiir and wmii fs, and assume that the proper way
is to send a set of commands to the ctl file under the desired client.
First, I find the client:

$ wmiir read /tag/1/index
# ~ 1024 753
# 1 0 927
1 0x80000d 0 15 XTerm:xterm:eugine_AT_base:~
# 2 927 97
2 0xc00003 0 753 Gkrellm2:gkrellm2:gkrellm

I see the necessary client id is 0xc00003, and I need to change its
width from 97 (the result of inaccurate drag) to 85 (which is the
precise fine width). So, I seek for the client:

$ wmiir ls -l /client/0xc00003
--rw------- eugine eugine 0 Sun Apr 29 13:12:25 2007 ctl
--r-------- eugine eugine 25 Sun Apr 29 13:12:25 2007 props
--rw------- eugine eugine 1 Sun Apr 29 13:12:25 2007 tags

And now, as far as I understand, I need to send the geometry command
to the ctl file:

$ wmiir write /client/0xc00003/ctl << EOF
> geom 85x753
ixpc: cannot write file: bad command

Hm, it seems I use illegal command. Is there an index of ctl-commands
for clients? Is there a geometry change command? Which syntax does it

I'm sorry, if it is a FAQ. I found tons of the advices how to use
/view hierarchy and /client/N/geom files, I saw flame discussions
about while geom files suck, but I did not found any clear description
how must it work, and how does it work in the current version (3.5 and
above) of wmii. And I do not need obviously right and sane solution, I
need a solution, which just works.

Thanks in advance,
Eugine Kosenko.
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