[wmii] ANN: pywmii-0.1

From: David McNab <rebirth_AT_orcon.net.nz>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 22:11:43 +1200

Hi all,

I've stuck up a first preview release of pywmii, together with examples
and API doco, at:

Intended audience:
 - folks who feel more comfortable with python than shell script

 - easy to write clean, readable wmiirc scripts in
   pure python
 - object interface to the wmii p9 fs (see below)
 - subclass the base EventHandler class and implement
   your own handler methods
 - simple API for window manipulation and key binding (refer examples)
 - easier to understand (IMHO) than python-wmii

This early version accesses the 9pfs through wmiir, which is not the
best approach. I'm looking to build python bindings for libixp, which
will be much better. But this early version is working well for the most
part. I'm using it full-time now.

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