Re: [wmii] Full Screen Firefox

From: Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 15:02:39 -0400

Kris Maglione <> writes:

> On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 02:19:04PM -0400, Jeremy Maitin-Shepard wrote:
>> The real solution is for wmii to include proper "fullscreen" support.
>> In particular, there should probably be an internal representation of
>> the fact that fullscreen mode is somehow enabled for a particular client
>> or frame, other than by it being in floating mode and happen to be
>> aligned just right so that all of the frame decoration is hidden and the
>> client area lines up perfectly with the screen. It should also be
>> possible to toggle a frame or client in and out of fullscreen mode using
>> just window manager commands.

> That is how it works.

I know that it works by sticking the client in floating mode and
aligning it just right (or at least that is how it worked when I looked
at the code last, which was at least 9 months ago, perhaps it has
changed since then, but it seems that it hasn't from your comment.) The
point is that the way it _should_ work is that there is some sort of
actual fullscreen flag or something like that, or at least a way to
implement a fullscreen-like mode from the wmiirc program (perhaps via a
way to disable window decorations on a particular frame).

Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
Received on Sun Jun 10 2007 - 21:03:13 UTC

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