Re: [wmii] xkb state info?

From: arnuld <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 09:40:30 +0530

> On 8/22/07, Kai Grossjohann <> wrote:

> Assign a different keysym to the key; the behavior you describe is the
> locking behavior that CapsLock has. If you assign a different keysym,
> then the phenomenon should be gone.
> I guess most keyboards don't have a Hyper key, so you could try Hyper_L.
> Or Super_L if Hyper happens to be taken. Alas, X11 doesn't seem to have
> a Gold key :-)

yes, i too use Super_L key instead of Alt. it was useless here so i
used it. i only needed to change the MODKEY=Mod1 to Mod4 in
"~/.wmii-3.5/wmiirc" .

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