Re: [wmii] resizing windows with MODKEY+right mouse

From: Jeffrey 'jf' Lim <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 03:14:24 +0800

On 8/24/07, Geert Hendrickx <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a minor annoyance with resizing windows using MODKEY + right mouse
> drag in recent versions of wmii (wmii-3.6rcX I think, is there a way to
> query what version I'm running?)

'wmiiwm -v' - unless somehow, behaviour has changed in the newer version.

> When I'm lazy I press MODKEY and start dragging quite far from the window
> border/corner, but when moving the mouse, the closest window corner is
> moved to the position of the mouse, which often suddenly makes the window
> a lot smaller than intended and then I have to correct this by dragging it
> back to the original position of that corner.
> IIRC in earlier versions the window was resized by moving the closest
> corner/border relatively to the movement of the mouse cursor, independent
> of its exact position.

yup. This is what happens with my version. 3.5.1.

> Is this new behaviour intended? If not, can it be restored?

:) I suppose so, but that's only my guess...


In the meantime, here is your PSA:
"It's so hard to write a graphics driver that open-sourcing it would not help."
    -- Andrew Fear, Software Product Manager, NVIDIA Corporation
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