Re: [wmii] Fwd: Wmii bug

From: Paweł Tęcza <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 10:44:03 +0200

"Suraj N. Kurapati" <> writes:

> If you want to install the snapshot in Debian from a .deb file then
> you must run "make deb" to generate a Debian package from the source
> code, and then install that.

Hi Suraj,

It's true, but not all true. He also needs dmenu package to install
wmii package builded in that way to satisfy Depends:.

I'm affraid that official dmenu package is ancient and probably
not much useful. He also can get Daniel Baumann's unofficial
dmenu package, but I don't remember how old it is.

My best regards,

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