Re: [wmii] Updates to tip, please test!

From: sqweek <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 22:33:25 +0800

On 9/30/07, Chris King <> wrote:
> On 9/29/07, Uriel <> wrote:
> > Please test the tip and report any issues, I will release a snap soon,
> > and after any new issues found are fixed I will release 3.6.
> Something's broken when using wmiirc... when wmii starts up, first a
> wmii9menu menu with Nop and Delete is shown in the bottom-left-hand
> corner of the screen. When that is clicked away an empty dmenu
> appears. After hitting Escape on that, the "nil" tag appears but I am
> unable to use any keyboard shortcuts.

 Bizarre. Can't reproduce it here (linux, x86, /bin/sh is dash). Does
wmiiloop get installed to $PREFIX/bin/wmiiloop ?
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