Re: [wmii] [ANN] New wmii snap!

From: Jakob <>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 21:01:07 -0700

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 08:11:57AM +0200, Uriel wrote:

> The last snap was so long ago I really have no clue what the changes
> are, but it seems to be the most stable wmii release in a while and I
> plan to release 3.6 in a couple of days if no big issues are found (so
> consider this a release candidate).
> Download from:

Though it built fine on my desktop, I had an issue on an older distro
when compiling libregexp. Removing the trailing backslash on line 14 of
its Makefile cleared it up. It was complaining about not finding the
file ".c" (just the extension, no body), which I'm assuming is due to
adding a blank entry to the end of OBJ here.

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