Re: [wmii] [ANN] New wmii snap!

From: Jakob <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 01:01:35 -0700

Minor bug:

Start up mplayer in a stacked column, then cycle to another window in
the stack so it obscures mplayer. Switch back to mplayer and the entire
window isn't being drawn -- you can see the root window instead.
Switching to the default layout fixes it. I'm using the latest SVN
version of mplayer with xv output.

More annoying:

I run two instances of wmii in two screens of the same X session, :0.0
and :0.1, so that I can move the mouse and share the clipboard between
the two on a dual-monitor setup. In the latest snap, whenever I close
any window, the focus jumps from one screen to the other (without fail,
back and forth). It doesn't automatically focus any window, but if I
start a new xterm or use MODKEY-[hjkl] to start cycling windows, the
action is always done on the wrong monitor. This did not happen in the
20070516 snap.

I'm sure my setup is fairly unique, so I've resigned to debugging this
on my own when I get some free time. It would just be nice if one of
the developers knew off the top of their head why this was happening and
was able to fix it faster than I could :)

Thanks for the great snap and keep up the good work,
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