Re: [wmii] Dual-monitor setup

From: dragan dimitrijevic <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 15:04:33 +0200

This may not apply to your version of wmii but you can use the same

view=`wmiir -a $address read /view/name`
x=`wmiir -a $address read /$view/sel/sel/geom | awk '{ print $1}'`
y=`wmiir -a $address read /$view/sel/sel/geom | awk '{ print $2}'`
DISPLAY=:0.$display wmiiwarp $x $y

Moving from one screen to the other will warp the mouse to the last selected

On 10/7/07, Jakob <> wrote:
> I've had more than one request for my dual-monitor wmii configuration,
> so I thought I'd send it out to the list.
> Instead of using Xinerama or two completely different X sessions, I use
> a single X session with two screens. This allows you to natively move
> the cursor from monitor to monitor and share the clipboard between the
> two without having to use additional software like Synergy. I use a
> dual-output nVidia video card, though this method might/should work if
> you have two separate cards.
> Relevant xorg.conf sections:
> This will allow you to start a single X session with two screens, :x.0
> and :x.1. So, if this is the first X session on the box, you can start
> programs on both :0.0 (the left monitor) and :0.1 (the right one).
> Then, to start two instances of wmii, I have this in my .xinitrc (or
> .xsession, depending on your system):
> DISPLAY=:0.0 wmii &
> DISPLAY=:0.1 exec wmii
> This can probably be made better so the :0 isn't hardcoded, and so the
> second instance isn't just exec'd. This means that if you exit the
> first session, the second wmii will still keep going. If you exit the
> second one, your entire X session dies regardless of the other wmii
> instance.
> I also have a slightly modified version of swarp to allow me to easily
> switch back and forth between my two monitors using hotkeys. In its
> current form, it only uses the current display, so I changed it to allow
> you to use -d to specify the display (again, this could be cleaned up):
> And then in my wmiirc:
> Key $MODKEY-Control-Shift-$RIGHT
> swarp -d :0.1 840 525
> Key $MODKEY-Control-Shift-$LEFT
> swarp -d :0.0 640 515
> Yes, those are the hard-coded coordinates of the center of each of my
> screens. If you find a better solution, please tell me :).
> As my original email said, there's a bug in the current wmii snap with
> focus after closing a window, so the focus consistently goes to the
> wrong monitor with my setup. If you find this to be too annoying, the
> previous snap (20070516) worked fine.
> Hope this helps,
> Jakob
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