Re: [wmii] Floating SDL window

From: sqweek <>
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 13:32:22 +0800

On 10/11/07, Pontus Andersson <> wrote:
> Martin Stubenschrott wrote:
> > (+ still the position of the mouse), and you notice that the dialog is
> > reduced to the titlebar and you cannot resize it again, that it gets
> > bigger.
> This actually happens for all floating windows, it seems. Open up a
> terminal, xclock or whatever, in floating mode and resize the width to
> zero. The whole body of the window will disappear, leaving only the
> titlebar. And it seems that there is no way to get the body back.
> Maybe this is the same thing that happens in acroread.

 This will be essentially the same bug as collapsed windows in default
mode not always uncollapsing when you click on them. Workaround for
now is to force them into default/max mode (works here for
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